Friday, March 25, 2011

Real Life Curveball...

No, I'm not dead. Real life has decided to throw me a ridiculous curve ball, and as such, hobby has taken a back seat to getting life sorted out. As a result, I've had to back out of combat patrol at Adepticon. I will still be going, but there was simply no way to get models painted in the weeks leading up to the event.

 So I plan to be back in the saddle roughly two weeks after Adepticon. By then I'll be in new living quarters, with ample time to devote to the hobby bench. The Fire Hawks, WAAAGH Teek, The Blindwater Congregation, and my burgeoning KoB fleet for Dystopian Wars should all start seeing new life and new paint.

In the interim, the gang has been playing a lot of (sadly unpainted) Dystopian wars. As usual with a new game, we continue to figure out new rules we're forgetting, but we're getting much closer to rules transparency with every game. I'm learning the shortcomings and strengths of the Brit fleet. Likewise I'm learning to love the echelon formation, more lovingly dubbed the "Broadside Conga Line". Those hull-ripping submersibles need to be released, like, yesterday. I'm seeing a fleet based on Dreadnaughts, frigates, bombers, and Vanguard subs. Delicious!

Now for some old pics, so this isn't simply a wall of text post. These are my earliest Deff Kopta conversions, the "Deff Choppas".

These are mostly scratch built, though centered around the gas tank. The tank was a bit from a Robogear Sprut model. If you play orks and don't know about the Robogear models, do yourself a favor and go look them up. I think they're OOP, but you can usually find them on ebay or other reseller sites. They're a fantastic source of bits for orkish vehicle conversions.

Here are the PIP shots:

Eventually I'll go back and finish up the paint. I need to lighten the flames a bit to match my current palette (see the Deff Dread for an example), and just overall finish the detail work like weathering, washes, and that darn Buzz saw.

That said, hope you've enjoyed my filler old stuff, and hopefully life will even out soon and I can get back to spending some time at the hobby.

See you at Adepticon!

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