Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adepticon Grots, Before

I'm going to Adepticon this year.
I'm playing in Combat Patrol on Saturday.
I've finally decided on a list.

Thus I need to paint. Quite a bit.

On the short list are a group of grots. I'm about to re-paint a batch of converted "Night Gretchin" that I completed years ago. They were a solid tabletop quality, but I'm gunning for better than that this year. That, and they need the Bloo-Flame treatment.

So before I drag them outside and hit them with primer, here are a couple shots of the group in their old paint.

Conversions consisted mostly of old GorkaMorka bits and a handful of weapons from 2e and Necromunda.

Fun models, I really love the old OOP Night Gobbo boxed set. If I could get my hands on a few more boxes, I'd be tempted to revive my (ancient) Orcs&Goblins army to test out 8e and the new army book. Alas, I've got far, far too much on my plate as it is. So for now, I'll just stick with my Night Gretchin.

It's bittersweet to repaint these, but I'm very excited to get them updated and flamed. Stay tuned!

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