Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tablescapes Project (pt. 1) Product & Plan

A year or so ago I backed Mister Justin's Tablescapes kickstarter campaign. Mr. McCoy definitely delivered an excellent product. If you're looking for a product review, there are plenty already out there to choose from. The tiles are clean, details are crisp, and the interlocking nature makes them a perfect solution for a portable, modular tabletop.

But I can't do anything stock, every project is an opportunity for conversion! Cue the music...

I backed the kickstarter for two 16 tile sets, in 'Rolling Fields' and 'Forgotten Temple' flavors. Each box is enough to fully cover a 4' x 4' table, with tiles interlocking with the included plastic clips. However, I figured they could stretch further. Rolling fields hit the shelf for another day, my focus is on the Forgotten Temple tile set.

The plan:

- Make six  2' x 2' base boards
- Chop up the Tablescapes tiles (stay with me)
- ...
- Mash the pieces back together with glue and sculpting putty
- Add rocks and talus for seasoning
- Seal, paint, and add water effects