Friday, May 20, 2016

Custom Kingdom Death: Monster Box

KD:M, if you're uncomfortable, mission accomplished
I backed the Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter thirty seven years ago like the rest of you. I was elated when the game arrived, I dove in face first.

Then the expansions arrived - EVEN MORE ELATION! Spidicules, Dung Beetle Knight, The Dragon King, you name it. I picked up every game expansion in the kickstarter except the Lonely Tree. (I have a thing against paying money for tiny plastic trees. 40k did it. Malifaux did it. Both terrible, overpriced, and crap. I assumed I would feel the same about the Lonely Tree)

So I had a giant game box, and an even more giant (three times the volume) box full of expansions to cram inside. Grab your foamcore and cue the music!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tablescapes Project (pt. 4) Primer & Paint

Been a while, time for an update!
Time to start painting this beast. As with most models, the initial coat of primer helps you find weak spots. Whether it's a gap that needs filling or a mold line you missed, a dusting of color helps make those flaws noticeable. My sunken temple table is no exception. The entire table got a coat of black primer, and a light drybrush of a light grey-blue...

Flaws sir! Faasands of em!