Monday, November 15, 2010

'Ere we go!

Time to jump right in and get this blog rolling!

I've decided to start with some shots of my mostly stock Deff Dread. I don't usually stick with stock models, but this one hit a chord with me and really only needed minor tweaking. I wanted a more dynamic pose, so I built the base up with a bit of cork. After a quick chop job, the upper arms were ready to inflict high rpm death to anything caught in the those massive claws.

I bulked the legs out a bit with card, which gave the dread a more solid stance. I felt that some spindly chicken legs would not be up to support that much killy robot bulk. I also clipped the heinous stock exhaust and added some simpler, cleaner pipes.

I magnetized the fourth arm, allowing me to swap between a skorcha and a fourth close combat weapon. All that was left was a lick of paint and the standard "Bloo Flame" treatment:

There she is, ready to join the ranks of WAAAGH! Teek


  1. That paintjob is stunning.

    While it's a superb kit, I'm glad you don't stick with stock models - the blog is already top drawer, but has this extra promise too!

  2. Thanks! I painted it up for a contest at The Waaagh, and spent some long nights to get it done by the deadline. Glad you like it!

  3. I'm geeking out over the blue flame! I love it! An original but fitting look for Orks, too