Friday, May 20, 2016

Custom Kingdom Death: Monster Box

KD:M, if you're uncomfortable, mission accomplished
I backed the Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter thirty seven years ago like the rest of you. I was elated when the game arrived, I dove in face first.

Then the expansions arrived - EVEN MORE ELATION! Spidicules, Dung Beetle Knight, The Dragon King, you name it. I picked up every game expansion in the kickstarter except the Lonely Tree. (I have a thing against paying money for tiny plastic trees. 40k did it. Malifaux did it. Both terrible, overpriced, and crap. I assumed I would feel the same about the Lonely Tree)

So I had a giant game box, and an even more giant (three times the volume) box full of expansions to cram inside. Grab your foamcore and cue the music!