Monday, May 16, 2011

Goatboy Lovin!

A shameless filler post while I get photos taken for my first HoA update. (Spoiler: first HoA unit involves gyro-stabilization...)

I had a blast at Adepticon this year! Life issues got in the way of painting, and I wasn't able to finish my orks in time to compete in any tournaments. I pseudo-willingly got roped into some Malifaux action, which lit a fire under me for some steam-gothic-cowboy-horror action. I'm four crew boxes in now, and ready to start some painting. I also spent a great deal of time with Bill and the gang of Gamer's Lounge fame. Great crew, and I definitely had a blast playing, painting, and generally dorking around with the guys. Go check out The Gamer's Lounge podcast, they put out a great show about all things tabletop. They cover everything from GW to Privateer, with a strong lean in recent episodes towards Malifaux.