Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kickstart My Heart

I told myself I was done with gaming Kickstarter campaigns, that I would bide my time until my last 2 projects (KD:M and Creature Caster) finally shipped.

Then nostalgia walked right up and punched me in the wallet.

Maybe it was my childhood collection of the action figures. Maybe it was my love of board gaming. Maybe it was coming from the recent fun being had playing Imperial Assault with the guys. Maybe all of the above.

Ghostbusters, the Board Game by Cryptozoic has less than 24 hours left on kickstarter. It has been ridiculously successful, and a slew of stretch goal unlocks means the base pledge includes a ton of fun minis. Trust me. Go check out their campaign and be sure to scroll down and check out all you get.

The minis look great, they hit a strong nostalgia vibe, and if the gameplay lives up to the pre-production efforts, it might just replace Flash Point as my co-op board game of choice.

We'll see!

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