Friday, February 27, 2015

Project Monolith: Let there be Light!

Long past overdue for an update on this behemoth of a project!

The Good news: I've made a ton of progress, and the monolith is now fully populated with tools, paints, and all manner of hobby goodness.

The Bad news: a cell phone upgrade means I lost half of my WIP shots, including the light housing, wiring, and power layout. Sadface. You'll have to be satisfied with the pictures I've taken since. Let's dive right in!

My faithful backers. Kickstarter not included.

I framed out the back wall of the monolith with 2x2's and angle brackets. This supports a sheet of pegboard, cut to fit the peculiar (read: not quite square) interior dimensions.

Dew added for scale. Or I was just lazy, you decide.
This pegboard is destined for all manner of modular storage options, keeping the back wall flexible as the build continues. At this point we hit a time warp, as I have zero surviving WIP photos of the interior assembly. My goal was to include side walls, power outlets, light switches, LED mounts, and plasticard storage, while leaving room for shelving above. The assembly was made mostly from 1/2" mdf and 1/4" pine, the very same pine being used to create:

The shelving!
Shelving was simple, slotted construction. Some careful measurement and a few minutes on the bandsaw resulting in:

More shelving!
The shelves span the back width, and fill in both sides of the interior assembly, which has already been stained to match in these photos. Additionally, shallow metal baskets from IKEA were hung from s-hooks in the pegboard. They hold all manner of hobby tools, from glues and magnets to greenstuff and x-acto blades. You can barely make out the plasticard storage on the right, and lightswitches (with matching cover plates) on the left.

The shelving was stained to match and sealed, then slid into place. A tight friction fit holds them in place snugly. In the above photo you can better see the side walls and LED lighting. I also added round, magnetic storage containers, that proves excellent for lightweight basing materials. 

The shelves were not empty for long...

If nothing else, this project illustrates that I have a thing for buying paints. The photo above shows roughly half of my paints, not pictured are washes, special effect paints, and the minitaire airbrush line. Those will eventually fill out the side shelves.

That's about it! I've since added more storage on the sidewalls (let's be honest, there are paintbrushes, sculpting tools, hobby knives, and more paintbrushes...) but I'll have to get better photos for a future update.

Until next time~

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