Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Someone call for a doctor?

Hi all. I had planned to post WiP updates throughout the HoA project, but illness intervened. Suffice to say the models were all finished in time, and I'm back on my feet, alive and well. Unfortunately, I had to drop the superheavy plans,  but I had no choice given the deadline constraints and time spent in the hospital instead of at the workbench. Alas...

Here are some WiP shots of the Nob Bikers, before shipping them off to Goatboy for a lick of paint. (Apologies for harsh natural light and sexy sofa backdrop. You work with what you've got when you're stuck in the field!)

I mostly kitbashed, there was very minimal fabrication and sculpting. This was a great proof of concept for me, so if/when I get the 40k bug again I plan to build a unit for myself sometime. They are a bit pricey though, so I expect to do a lot more scratchbuilding to save on material costs.

Here, stolen directly from Goatboy, are the painted shots:

That's all for now! Lately I've been painting up my KoB fleet for Dystopian wars, and I've got boxes full of Malifaux (everything) and Hordes (Gators) giving me the evil eye to break them out and get to work... so a slight change of pace incoming to the blog. Stay tuned!

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