Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tablescapes Project (pt. 4) Primer & Paint

Been a while, time for an update!
Time to start painting this beast. As with most models, the initial coat of primer helps you find weak spots. Whether it's a gap that needs filling or a mold line you missed, a dusting of color helps make those flaws noticeable. My sunken temple table is no exception. The entire table got a coat of black primer, and a light drybrush of a light grey-blue...

Flaws sir! Faasands of em!
The first thing I noticed was a distinct lack of lone stone tiles. Every tile currently had a neighbor or three, so that had to be fixed. I chopped up the leftover bits of Tablescapes tiles, and set about throwing in random, lonely stones.

Another flaw I found: the earth and stone didn't blend together well in several places. I grabbed some trusty ingredients, and made a second texture paste.

I think PVA glue makes up at least 15% of this table now.
This paste was applied liberally, to smooth out any Stone-to-Swamp transition areas.

Following that, primer was touched up, all stonework was base coated with a true grey, and the swamp areas were given an initial coat of brown.

Up next: So much more painting. The stones need depth, hue variations, and highlights. The dirt needs depth and variety, and we must bring in a lot more green...

Until next time~

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