Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Spell, and Ron's Wisdom

I want to share some wisdom from Ron over at From the Warp. He recently posted about his Summer, and how he's had a bit of a hobby hiatus. We all juggle our hobby time, real life, and work. At one point or another, we all take a break from hardcore hobbying, be it painting, gaming, or what have you.

In his post, "Forty days and forty nights with no hobby", Ron talks about the circumstances surrounding the hobby, taking a break, and the after effects such as new-found enthusiasm. It centers primarily on 40k, but I feel it applies to any hobby really, and certainly any aspect of the miniatures and gaming hobby in particular.

It definitely strikes a chord with me, as this Summer has seen the usual "too busy" status take hold. I haven't been completely devoid of hobby, I've primed my Russian fleet for Dystopian Wars, and managed to get in a couple games (more on that soon), but I certainly haven't been surrounded by my many projects.
  • Project Monolith is at a point where I'm making large scale design decisions, so there is a lot of drafting and drawing, but not much woodcutting or construction.
  • The Fire Hawks army for 40k is in cryo, as I wait for the new CSM codex to drop. There's a profound chance my army of "Hey we've been lost in the warp for forever but we're fine! We promise!" is going to become "Hey we've been lost in the warp for forever and RRREEEEEAAAAGHHHHHHH!!!! BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ANCIENT POWERS!"
  • The Blindwater Congregation for Hordes is shelved, waiting patiently for paint and basing. I'm still a bit miffed they did not receive a Gargantuan. I wouldn't expect them too, but the appearance of a Mercenary Colossus did spark some hope. *grumbles*
  • Malifaux is still...around. I haven't played much since Adepticon, as it seriously burned out my desire to play. I still want to paint the models however, and the recent releases at GenCon might whip me back into shape. I picked up Jakob's crew and some Beckoners, and those will be a blast to paint.
So there you have it. I have the usual "list of projects to get to", and as Summer winds down, the sun sets earlier, and the temperatures drop, I'm feeling a return to hobby is imminent. I'll get new pictures posted as soon as my painting muse returns! Until then, keep juggling!


  1. Wow! Adepticon burned out your desire to play Malifaux.... I don't think I heard you say that before.

    1. I don't mean that to carry an overtly negative tone, I simply played nothing but malifaux for the whole con, aside from the epic late night SDE game with C Swizzy's Sparkle burst!

      Got home and just said "Okay, need something else for a while," hence all the board games and Dystopian Wars lately. Couple that with the fact that I have to go to GigaBytes to find a game of malifaux, but the guys all play DW so we can just pull out the table at my apartment, or Rees' house, and get in a couple naval punch-ups.

      I know what you're thinking, I need to get the guys playing Malifaux, and you're entirely correct!