Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Russians are Here!

Quick update today, I got some presents in the mail and I had to share. The beginning of my Russian fleet came in today, and I'm dying to slap some paint on them. I loved the aesthetic from day one, and ordered them as soon as they were available.

Overall the fleet looks angry. Angular, dangerous, sharp. The Novgorod frigates stand out from the flock but I love them, and looking at their rules, they're always going to have a home in my games. Frigates with no turning template and 360 arc of fire? Baby mortars that ignore line of sight? Yes please!

Oh, and a fleet commodore command that increases sturginium boost rolls and adds movement to every other model in the fleet? Dystopian Waaagh!

The carrier impresses me as well. It even came with two unique iceberg pieces, to go along with the exceptionally unique generator. Future plans include snagging an air fleet box and a second naval box. I'm working on a very Khador-esque paint scheme. Lots of red, beaten brass, and grey/black for minimal accents.

Work continues on the Brits. Grey base, airbrushed highlights, and wood base tones thus far. It's nowhere near done, but I'm not playing with bare resin anymore!

More to come, stay tuned!

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